Bank-Fintech Partnerships

May 24 - 25, 2017

The Westin Alexandria (in Old Town, VA)

Washington, D.C.

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(BF01) Pundits' Predictions and Punts on Players, Partnerships and Pathways
(BF02) View from the Hill: How do the Federal Regulators Plan to Foster 'Fintegration' Between Banks and Fintechs to Drive Responsible Innovation?
(BF03) Build, Acquire or Partner? What are the Options for Engagement? Why, what and how you are innovating? Grounding your decisions in a robust growth strategy and mitigating your digital risk
(BF04) Investment and Acquisition: Adopting Lean Principles from Sourcing Startups to Iterating towards a Solution
(BF05) Internal Development: S/He Who Dares Win-wins
(BF06) Building Partnerships with Fintechs: Challenges and Opportunities
(BFC07) Fintech Perspective: Creative Collaboration: Moving from the Margins to the Mainstream
(BF08) Collaborate without Cannibalizing: Expanding the Innovation Ecosystem to Transform Banks’ Business Models Intelligently
(BF09) Choosing Platforms over Partnerships to Facilitate Innovation. Managing Data Security, Intellectual Property, Customer Privacy and other Concerns when Connecting within Your System
(BF10) Taming the Beast that is Technology Integration: Legacy and Ecosystem Transformation, Methods, Models, Considerations
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    What: Bank-Fintech Partnerships
    Where: The Westin Alexandria (in Old Town, VA), Washington, D.C.
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